Jose A. Alvarez

Founder & CEO

Mr. Alvarez provides exemplary leadership to the company. He oversees the implementation of the business plan and ensures that the company is following the course to long-term success that he has set. Safety and employee development are key subjects of his interest. Mr. Alvarez personally assembled the JVA Engineering team, choosing highly qualified individuals with wide-ranging experience, relevant expertise, known reliability, and a firm commitment to high quality service.

Cesar Gonzalez, E.I.& CGC

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Gonzalez has over 25 years of overall construction experience on roadway, bridge, and building construction. Prior to JVA, Mr. Gonzalez was employed by City of Miami for over 15 years holding positions from Engineer Assistant to Senior Project Management. In his early years under the City of Miami Mr. Gonzalez planned, designed, and constructed a wide range of projects involving storm sewers, storm water pump stations, drainage wells, and road reconstruction and resurfacing for the (CIP) capital improvements program.

Rafael E. Ramon, MBA, CGC

Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Ramon provides JVA with over 17 years of administrative and engineering experience. Mr. Ramon is in charge of the entire administrative function of the Company overseeing billing, payment requisition preparation and submission, collection efforts, progress monitoring, and schedule preparation as well as managing all insurance-related matters. Mr. Ramon's expensive background in construction, administration, and finance makes him a key component of JVAs organizational success.

Jose M. Alvarez


Mr. Alvarez provides value engineering & project management to all of JVA Engineering’s projects. With methods such as planning, direction, organization, coordination and control to meet the operations and profit goals of the company he ensures projects are accomplished within contractual time frame and funding parameters.

Vladimir Guzman, P.E.

Project Manager

Mr. Guzman has over 10 years of construction experience on major construction projects including a bascule bridge. Mr. Guzman has worked on several projects for the Florida Department of Transportation for 8 years during which he reached the level of Senior Inspector which allowed the completion of several certifications. Mr. Guzman has advanced his career to Project Manager overseeing all aspects of construction from pre-planning, estimating and acquisition, safety, budgeting, project close-out, and public outreach with several clients Mr. Guzman earned two bachelor degree, Information Technology at University of Camaguey in Cuba, and in Civil Engineer at Florida International University before he joined our team.

Juan Carlos Cardenas

General Manager

Mr. Cardenas has over 30 years of managerial experience steaming back to the late 80s where he worked as an executive director in Santa Clara where he managed a department with 60 people. Having collected expensive managerial experience Mr. Cardenas came to the US and immediately went into Project Management finding great success in Miami-Dade country and working closely with the Florida Department of Transportation with roadway-related work before joining us at JVA, he helps manage a team of project managers and administrators.